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Borough Hall
100 E. High St.
Pottstown, PA 19464
Ph: 610-970-6500
Business Licenses
License Guidelines
  • All contractors working in the Borough of Pottstown must be licensed to do work in the borough. i.e., general contractors, alarm installers, AC / refrigeration, electricians, heater service, plumbers, etc.
  • All applications for license must include a certificate of insurance, workman’s compensation, and liability insurance.

There are three different Contractor License Applications:
Required Permits

Individuals Needing Permits
  • Permit applications may be applied for and obtained by the property owner, contractor and/or authorized agent.
  • Plumbing permits must be applied for by the owner or a Master Plumber licensed by the Borough of Pottstown.

Building Permits
  • Applications for Building Permits should include the following:
  • Description of proposed construction (dimensions, type and extent of work, materials)
  • Estimated cost of construction
  • Type of occupancy (residential, office, retail, etc)
  • Name, address and telephone number of owner, contractor and authorized agent
  • Plot Plan indicating lot dimensions, proposed construction location, existing-structures, and driveway
  • Floor layout including dimensions
  • All new construction for public, commercial, industrial, office and multi-family uses must be reviewed by the Borough Planning Commission and approved by the Borough Council

General Building Code Guidelines
  • All permits must be obtained and fees paid prior to starting actual work. Fees are based on type, size and cost of construction
  • Licensing and Inspections staff requires 24 hours notice for all inspections. Contact Licensing and Inspections at 610-970-6520.
  • Contractor is responsible for notifying office for all inspections
  • Permit Cards must be visibly displayed on job site
  • The Building Code Official must be notified of all structural and / or plan changes in construction after Permit is issued
  • Final inspections must be made and a Certificate of Occupancy issued prior to occupation of any structure
  • Applicant is responsible for obtaining the necessary Third Party Underwriter electrical inspections and approvals and provide proof of the same to the Building Code Official
  • Construction must commence within six months from the date the permit is issued
  • Permit fees are non-refundable. Approved building plans must be available at the construction site at all times

Requirements by Outside Agencies