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Fountain of Youth Spray Park


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Fountain of Youth Spray Park

JUNE 2020: The Fountain of Youth Spray Park is Closed until further notice due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.  Please check back here for updates as the season progresses.

Basic Rules & Guidelines
Hours of Operation:  Open June 13, 2019 - DAILY - 10:00 am through 7:30pm

The Fountain of Youth Spray Park is provided to the public with no fees charged: Please observe the following rules to ensure this service continues. This is a self-policed facility: Users participate in its use at their own risk. This also means as a community you are responsible for ensuring that all users follow the rules and act as good stewards of the facility. If you observe someone breaking the rules, kindly ask them to stop. If it persists, contact the authorities. All Pottstown Police dispatches are now routed through 911.

Rules and Regulations

• No lifeguards on duty. Participate at your own risk
• Persons with infectious diseases transmitted through recreational water are prohibited from    use of this facility (28PA.Code 18.53)
• Patrons should shower before and after using spray park facilities
• No running, pushing, or rough play
• All youth using the facilities ages 13 and under must be supervised by an adult.
• Facilities are not recommended for children under 2 years of age.
• All children requiring the use of diapers must use swim diapers on the splash pad.
• No food or drink is permitted on the splash pad area
• No glass is permitted in recreational areas in the immediate area of the splash pad
• Do not use facilities during severe weather conditions such as electrical storms
• Changing stations are available in the restrooms
• Dispose of all waste in designated receptacles. Littering is a crime.
• No pets are permitted on the splash pad.

Pottstown Parks and Recreation Department – 610-970-6618
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