Completed Projects

rrrrborough of pottstown projects

2021 Roadway Paving

roadway being pavedProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Proposed Timeline: Spring 2022

Funding/Project Amount: State Liquid Fuels Fund / $860,000

Of the 60 miles of Borough roadways, 11.2 were rated in need to repair at a Level 5, which is a road that has progressively deteriorated and has multiple cracks, with many patches and has a very uneven riding surface. Of the 11.2 miles, 3.38 miles of Borough roadway will be paved using State Funds.

Additional roads will be re-paved as part of other projects:

  • .5 miles of roadway repaved curb to curb for the 2021 Water & Sewer main replacement 
  • .4 miles of roadway repaved curb to curb for the PECO Gas Line Replacement
  • 1.2 miles of roadway repaved curb to curb for the PECO High Street Underground Electric Line Replacement

Stormwater Arch System Study

stormwater arch Project Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Completed September 2021

Funding/Project Amount: DCED Flood Mitigation Grant Program administered by the Commonwealth Financing Authority / $89,248

A comprehensive evaluation of four major 100-year-old storm water arches within the Borough that collect and convey stormwater runoff to the Manatawny Creek and Schuylkill River. The goal of the study is to identify deficiencies and create a prioritized list of needs and proposed maintenance, repairs, and improvements, including timelines to ensure the arches are functioning and structurally sound. The study addresses emergency repairs to failed stormwater arches under both public and private properties.

Stormwater Arch Repair at 42 Walnut Street

hole in ground at 42 Walnut Street where stormwater arch collapsedProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown / Private property

Completed January 2023

Funding /Project Amount: DCED Flood Mitigation Grant Program / estimated $250,000

A collapsed stormwater arch caused a very large hole at this private residence. Repairs will include: 

  • Removal of debris
  • Installing aluminum linter plate
  • Concrete benching
  • Anchors
  • Flowable fill
  • Backfill
  • Pavement restoration

Pollock Park Environment Remediation Study

Pollock Park trailhead signageProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Completed May 2022

Funding/Project Amount: DCED Grant / Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority / $59,704 + 25% (study, sampling, and plan submission) / Clean-up cost and funding TBA

Pollock Park, a two acre designated trail head park for the Schuylkill River Trail, is located on the 800 block of Cross Street in a residential neighborhood on Pottstown's south side. The park was closed in November, 2017 due to soil contamination. The adjacent private property at 860 Cross Street (nearly one acre) was also identified as part of the remediation and clean-up project.

  • Studies confirmed the contamination levels relative to Federal and State MSC limits for both the soil and groundwater
  • The Borough received authorization from PA DEP to proceed with submitting the combined soil and groundwater clean-up plan with the information collected. The plan is expected to be submitted in Fall 2021
  • Once DEP approves the remediation plan, the Borough will be eligible to receive funding for the environmental clean-up work

High Street LED Conversion

Project Owner: Borough of Pottstown

 Completed Summer 2022

Funding/Project Amount: Montgomery County Community Development Block Grant / $200,000

Twenty ornamental LED street lights will be installed on the 300 and 400 blocks of High Street, as a continuation of street lights presently on High Street's 100 and 200 blocks and Hanover Street. These LED lights emit more light, thus improving safety for pedestrians and vehicles, while meeting sustainability goals of reduced maintenance and energy.

Pottstown Municipal Airport Parallel Taxiway Rehabilitation

airplane on taxiway at Pottstown Municipal AirportProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Timeline: Completed Summer 2022

Funding/Project Amount: Bureau of Aviation / $931,140

This project includes rehabilitating:

  • Parallel taxiway pavement (approximately 1,350' x 25')
  • Public-use tie-down taxilane (approximately 335' x 25') (Bid Additive 1)
  • T-hangar access pavement (approximately 600 SY) (Bid Additive 2, Non-AIP)

Pottstown Municipal Airport Security Upgrades

restricted area signage on airport fenceProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Completed Spring 2022

Funding/Project Amount: CARES Act / $52,970

Installation of a new swipe-card access security gate and security cameras.

King Street Pedestrian Crossing

brick pavers in crosswalkProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Completed Fall 2021

Funding/Project Amount: Montgomery County / MontCo 2040 / $66.414

Installation of a pedestrian refuge island, ADA curb ramps and colored and textured asphalt paving to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing King Street between visitor destinations at the Carousel at Pottstown, Manatawny Green Miniature Golf, and Memorial Park. 

Oak Street Traffic Circulation Improvements

borough truck with one way sign and walk/bike pottstown signageProject Owner: Borough of Pottstown

Completed 2022

Funding/Project cost: <$4,000

As of August 31, 2021 Oak Street between Hanover and Charlotte Streets has been converted to a one way street westbound. This improvement has maintained the parking capacity along this section of Oak Street. In addition, this new one-way traffic pattern and narrower travel lane will alleviate speeding tendencies. 

Pottstown Borough Authority Projects

2021 Water and Sewer Main Replacements

Trench with sewer main being replacedProject Owner: Pottstown Borough Authority

Completed Fall 2021

Funding/Project Cost: $1.2 million

The Authority has awarded the project to Joao & Bradley Construction Company, Inc. This project addresses the aging/defective infrastructure of the Authority's water and sanitary sewer systems, including approximately 1,600 L.F. of 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer main and associated appurtenances and the replacement of nine manholes. The project includes three areas:

  • Cherry Street from Mt. Vernon to Roland
  • Henry Street from Morris to Beech
  • Spruce Street from Oak to Jefferson
  • Paving curb to curb of these streets

Water Treatment Plant LT2 Water Treatment Upgrades

drinking water being poured into glassProject Owner: Pottstown Borough Authority

Completed Spring 2022

Funding/Project Cost: $1.2 million

The project is a result of upgrades needed for Pottstown Water Treatment to satisfy the requirements for the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The project upgrade generally includes, but is not limited to, the construction of an ultraviolet (UV) treatment system. 

PennDOT Projects

King Street Bridge

King Street Bridge Collage for Website 042022Project Owner: PennDOT

Completed April 2022 - View the completed bridge

Funding/Project Amount: $3.9 million

The new structure provides a long-term safe and efficient crossing for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, and includes safety enhancements to roadside protection at the approaches to the new bridge barriers.

New wider 6' sidewalks and bike lanes are included on both sides of the bridge, and new ADA compliant curb ramps were installed at all corners of the intersection of King Street and Manatawny Street. Ornamental lighting, brick finish, and black railings were designed to match the historical context of the neighborhood. 

PECO Projects

Gas Line Replacement

hole in sidewalk where gas line is being replacedProject Owner: PECO

Completed Summer 2022

Funding/Project Amount: Approximately $2.5 million

As part of its program to replace aging natural gas lines, PECO upgraded natural gas lines and services along Price, Rambler, Belleview, Beech, High, Keim, Jackson, and Madison Street. **Includes .4 miles of roadway repaved curb to curb

High Street Underground Electric Line Replacement

electrical wires in dirtProject Owner: PECO

Completed Spring 2022

Funding/Project Amount: $6.1 million

Replacement of streetlight infrastructure and service feeds along High Street from Manatawny to Madison. New conduit installed as a central trunk through High Street with laterals going to each PECO streetlight on both sides of the street, feeding a newly installed sectionalizing box. Final new wiring connections made from sectionalizing box to street light bases. **Includes 1.12 miles of roadway repaving - High Street from Manatawny to Madison

County Projects

Schuylkill River Trail Extension

Schuylkill River Trail in the woodsProject Owner: Montgomery County

Proposed Timeline: Montgomery County 2022-2023; Chester County 2021-Spring 2022

Funding/Project Amount: Montgomery County - TBD; Chester County - Federal CMAQ Project / Approximately $6 million

Montgomery County - The extension of the Schuylkill River Trail in Montgomery County includes a 0.95 mile segment between Industrial Highway and the U.S. 422 Bridge in Pottstown.

Chester County - The closing of the Parkerford to Pottstown / Route 422 gap will ink the Philadelphia to Reading Schuylkill River Trail section. The project is the construction of a shared-use trail between Linfield Road in Parkerford and the U.S. 422 bridge over the Schuylkill River in Pottstown. The four-mile paved extension will take the trail from Linfield Road to Parkerford to the new Route 422 Bridge crossing the of the Schuylkill River at the Montgomery County border. Includes the construction of a new trailhead parking lot at Linfield Road, and the resurfacing and paving of the County's existing 5.75-mile section of the Trail. 

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