Trash & Recycling

**REMINDER: Yard waste will not be picked up if comingled with trash and/or recycling.

Borough of Pottstown Trash TriFold Brochure 021522 2pmTrash Collection Schedule

The trash collection schedule applies to the two divisions in the Borough: north / west and south / east. Trash, bulk items, and recycling are picked up once weekly. 

Please note that no trash, recycling, yard waste, or leaf bags are to be set out for collection prior to 4pm the night before the scheduled pick up. All empty totes are to be removed by 6pm the day of pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

North / West

This schedule pertains to residents west of Adams Street, north of Beech Street from Adams Street to the 300 block of Charlotte Street, west of Charlotte Street, and north of High Street:

  • Trash / bulk - Collected on Friday
  • Recycling - Collected on Tuesday

South / East

This schedule pertains to residents east of Adams Street, south of Beech Street from Adams Street to the 300 block of Charlotte Street, east of Charlotte Street to High Street, and south of High Street:

  • Trash / bulk - Collected on Monday
  • Recycling - Collected on Thursday


If a holiday falls on a scheduled trash / recycling day, each collection will be pushed back one day. 

Holidays are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. 

Tote Information

Currently one tote for each two units (maximum of three totes).

  • Blue tote - Recycling only
  • Gray tote - Trash only
  • Close the lid to prevent water accumulation and materials from blowing away.


Flexible plastic items may include: all plastic wraps (shrink & bubble wrap, wrap from cases of paper products, etc.) bags, grocery bags, etc. Do not bundle.

Prohibited items include: vinyl such as shower curtains, bed linen packages, inflatable toys, plastic cutlery, hoses, chains, cords, string, hazardous waste, scrap metal, paper towels, tissue paper, textiles, fabric, clothing, toys, liquids, mirrors, window glass, light bulbs, batteries, electronics, TV's, computers, etc. DO NOT PLACE THESE ITEMS IN THE RECYCLING TOTES. 

Bulk Items & White Goods

Each week, one bulk item per unit per property will be picked up free of charge. Any item above this one eligible free item per unit, per property, per week can be added for an additional charge

  • Pay this fee in advance at Borough Hall
  • Receive a sticker
  • Display sticker on additional item(s)

Eligible items include:

  • household furniture, sofas, chairs, etc.
  • box springs/mattresses (must be SEALED in a PLASTIC MATTRESS BAG or it will not be picked up; bags can be purchased at home improvement retailers, or at Borough Hall 2nd Floor Finance Department Window - Cost $6.75 per bag.)
  • carpet (must be cut in 3-4 foot widths, rolled/folded and tied)
  • DO NOT INCLUDE FREON BASED ITEMS: Items containing a refrigerant such as freon (refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, window air conditioners) will not be collected unless the item has a sticker certifying that the refrigerant has been properly removed and recovered. Contact an appliance dealer for this service.

Yard Material

Yard material will be collected every Wednesday from April 5, 2023 to December 20, 2023. 

  • Do not place in the gray or blue tote
  • Must be placed in brown leaf bags, or a separate can with lid off, or bundled with twine or rope. Do not include metal.
  • Sticks and branches should be 3-4 ft. in length, maximum 5" in width. do not include anything larger.
  • Yard material put out in plastic bags will NOT be taken.
  • No grass clippings or dirt will be picked up.
  • If a holiday falls on a yard material pick-up day, or the Monday or Tuesday before a scheduled yard material pick-up, yard pick-up is skipped for the week.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees are picked up Wednesdays in January.

All trees should be placed near receptacles for pick-up. No trees in plastic bags will be picked up.

**Non-compliance to trash & recycling guidelines may result in fines.

Collection pick-up missed at your address?

Typically, missed pickups can be for the reasons below:

  • The containers were not placed at the curb/alley line.
  • A vehicle was blocking the alley or roadway preventing truck access to this area.
  • There are prohibited items in the container such as construction debris, excessive amounts of water, or trash in the recycling container.
  • Snow preventing access to a road or alley, or snow piles preventing cans from being serviced.

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View the trash and recycling brochure.

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