Business Licenses & Contractor Registration

License Guidelines

A Business License is required when starting a new business upon zoning approval.

All contractors working in the Borough of Pottstown must be licensed to do work in the Borough.  (General Contractors, Alarm Installers, HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, etc).

All Contractor Registration Applications must include:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workman's Compensation

Required Permits

Individuals Needing Permits

  • Permit applications may be applied for and obtained by the property owner, contractor and/or authorized agent.
  • Plumbing permits must be applied for by the owner or a Master Plumber licensed by the Borough of Pottstown.

Building Permits

  • Applications for Building Permits should include the following:
    • Description of proposed construction (dimensions, type and extent of work, materials)
    • Estimated cost of construction
    • Type of occupancy (residential, office, retail, etc).
    • Name, address and telephone number of owner, contractor and authorized agent
    • Plot Plan indicating lot dimensions, proposed construction location, existing-structures, and driveway
    • Floor layout including dimensions
    • All new construction for public, commercial, industrial, office and multi-family uses must be reviewed by the Borough Planning Commission and approved by the Borough Council

General Building Code Guidelines

  • All permits must be obtained and fees paid prior to starting actual work. Fees are based on type, size and cost of construction
  • Licensing and Inspections staff requires 24 hours notice for all inspections.  Contact Licensing and Inspections at 610-970-6520.
  • Contractor is responsible for notifying office for all inspections
  • Permit Cards must be visibly displayed on job site
  • The Building Code Official must be notified of all structural and / or plan changes in construction after Permit is issued
  • Final inspections must be made and a Certificate of Occupancy issued prior to occupation of any structure
  • Applicant is responsible for obtaining the necessary Third Party Underwriter electrical inspections and approvals and provide proof of the same to the Building Code Official
  • Construction must commence within six months from the date the permit is issued
  • Permit fees are non-refundable.  Approved building plans must be available at the construction site at all times

Requirements by Outside Agencies